Tuesday, April 6, 2010

love doves take flight.

yup, we recorded about 9 new songs before we called it quits (for the 2nd time.) one of the songs went to a split with GEHENNA which was going to be released by the homos at RELAPSE but from what mike told me his hook up there got fired or choked on a dong. so mike worked some shit out with A389 Records and there you have it the split is out(listen to the songs and order here: http://www.a389records.com/site/)


and the beat goes on: we got the test presses for the remaining 8 songs the other day and the fuckers mastered it like a shit ball farting down some crust lords sleeping bag and pressed it at 33 instead of 45, WHAT THE FUCK?!rigggght? but i guess it works out because we dont have the art done yet. Brian sent me the mock up's for the center labels though and they look like this:

a total pile of trash:

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