Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Junk Piracy...

My palie Pete does a killer zine of images and crud he has collected from putting in years at the junk store. Along with doing the zine he also published a "best of..." book for junk pirate and hosted a small gathering showcasing some of the collections he had been hording. This may the 29th he is doing yet another showcase at the compound gallery in Oakland (www.thecompoundgallery.com) and i have a few of my personal collections from my time at the junk store in the showcase. check out this exhibition! it will not let you down! also check the JP web site for more info www.junkpirate.com.

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  1. Yeah, Dog!
    Thanks for the hit up. Finally got the Heathen Kvnt link on the blog. Get me a disc of those classic Junk Sto' pics and I'll drop some special Top Cat photo showcases in the near future.