Thursday, July 15, 2010

Post Mortem Emanations...

I posted about this EP a few months ago in reference to the horrible mastering job on the first round of test presses. Brian took the bull by the horns and had the stupid shit heads re-master the slab and re-work their fuck ups. This 7" is the last 8 songs C/L recorded in early 2009 and along with the split with Gehenna will be the our final hooraaahh(even though we havnt played for way over a year.) Im told that the split with Gehenna sold out PDQ(pretty damn quick) and im sure brian is only doing one press of this sucker so if you want to get yer greasy hands on this GET ON IT at or dont and wait for some spectacular "greatest hits" CD that is sure to never come out in the distant future.

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