Sunday, July 4, 2010

Unleash The Beast!

A few years back my roommate Chris helped me find a busted,non-op 1985 Yamaha xs650 that we could re-build and chop out. The bike only cost $250 but it didnt come with a pink slip. We threw a new battery in, rebuilt the carb and got the bitch up and relatively running but then the dreaded day came to go get a "lost" pink slip. After about 4 hours at the DMV i was told that it would cost me over $600 for new papers! i said "Fuuuuuck that!" ate the cost of the new battery and sold the hunk-o-shit to my friend Odds for $250, he's now chopping it out for his girl. Wellllll I got back from reno a few hours ago to find this clean looking 1979 Harley Sportster parked in my back yard, i went inside to put my gear down and went back out to find Chris charging up the battery. we shot the shit about outsleazed (its decompressing time, will post on that soon) and he asks me what i thought about the bike, i told him it was fuckn' sick looking, he kick starts it and the beast fires right up and he goes "well do you want it?" WHATTTTT THE FUCK!!! i am stoked out beyond belief right now! I've been trying to save cash for another bike sense i sold the xs650 and the day has finally arrived! Chris is gonna swap out the mag's and put 'em on one of his choppers(he says they're super rare) and im gonna put some non-cruzer bike handlebars on it and weld out a sissy bar for young debs so she wont fly off. Holy fucking shit, summer just got 10,000,000,000 times better! HAPPY FORTH OF JU-LY!

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