Monday, September 19, 2011

dark wings, dark words....

Hallo internets,
oh how i've missed you so, and yet not so much. Blahhhh, im still alive and somewhat well. The past 9 months have been a a real fucking shit show as im sure you've guessed by my lack of presence on this thing. Now dont get it twisted it's not that i've given up on H.K. its that i have a life outside of sitting in front of this god forsaken lap top. "Sometimes you wanna throw it all down and get lifted." In the tradition of the last 9 months the rest of my year is looking much the same but its not with out progress, check out for a full zine of "turf talk" pictures and the last 4 "celly brain" zines have a grip of pictures from a view of the lens of my cellphone camera plus I'm making a short move to Reno to get my head on straight and jam with Gehenna for a bit which should be a blast in a glass. Well with all that bullshit aside i'd like to thank those of you who keep coming back, commenting, and just generally enjoying my fucked up world.

P.S. big up's to my dood Miami Mike over at superdutytoughwork and a HUGE thanks to the playboys at imnotatoy for linking H.K. you guys are steady killing it on the internet grind!

stay high.

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